Erica Bantum is an Experienced Sales and Marketing Professional in Georgia

Erica Bantum Georgia

Erica Bantum from Georgia is a dedicated and experienced professional in the sales and marketing industry. She has a profound knowledge of different aspects required in her field, including professional selling, marketing research, entertainment marketing, consumer behavior, advanced selling and professional selling. She is a confident and self-motivated professional with a strong work ethic. She is work-oriented and makes the best use of her excellent writing and presentation skills in her profession.

She went to Turners Middle School in Georgia where she assisted as a coach with the junior cheerleading team. After completing her schooling, she attended Kennesaw State University to earn a Bachelor's of Business Administration in Marketing. She has expertise in Microsoft Office (including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Social Media Marketing, and Networking) and professional sales (SPIN technique).

Erica Bantum holds specialization in developing marketing strategies and increasing the revenue base of the organization. She identifies and understands the market trends, and formulates marketing strategies. She has the responsibility of devising innovative marketing strategies; building strong and cordial relations with clients and agencies for sustaining the profitability of the business. In addition, she monitors competitive activities and applies effective counter measures.

In addition to her professional knowledge and work experience, she has strong communication skills. She provides information to her team by collecting, analyzing and summarizing data trends. Her aim is to deliver the best products and services to customers by winning the buyer's trust first. She follows the strategy of engaging, educating and offering to ensure a great start for the company. For the best results, she makes use of different strategies including networking, training programs, direct marketing, publicity, sending campaign mails, trade shows, online advertising, and more.

Erica Bantum from Georgia has experience working with different companies. She has been responsible for managing social media events and promotions. With her hard work, she has reached great heights in the sales and marketing industry. She has turned herself into an asset and is highly-appreciated by the seniors for her work.

Besides her profession, she loves to spend time with her family. Her family includes her father, George Bantum and mother, Veronica Bantum, and two sisters, Elexia Bantum and Amy Bantum. She also has a group of friends and likes to hang out with them and enjoy the city views. On her holidays, she loves attending festivals, concerts, and traveling to different places.

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