Erica Bantum is a Highly-Accomplished Sales and Marketing Professional

Erica Bantum is a professional with excellent knowledge of Sales and Marketing. She is comprehensively dedicated to her profession and focuses on the needs of the organization to deliver the best results. She has complete understanding of the market, business fundamentals, and the forces influencing business. In 2014, she completed her Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from Kennesaw State University with a 3.0 GPA. She has expertise in marketing research, market analysis, entertainment marketing, consumer behavior, advanced selling, professional selling, etc.

Owing to her profession, she is responsible for promoting the employer's products, services, and ideas. She has good organizational skills that help her to plan product launches, market research, and public relations events. Her role involves a number of responsibilities, including creating marketing campaigns, organizing public relations events or product exhibitions, observing the competitor's marketing strategies, and more. In addition, she coordinates with clients, attends exhibitions and product launches where she meets the clients, suppliers, and media. By attending exhibitions and seminars she has gained good knowledge of Sales and Marketing.

Erica Bantum has worked with different organizations and has contributed to their growth. She is serving a reputed football club where she keeps payment books and files paperwork according to code. Here, she also assists parents in making decisions regarding uniform or warm-up sizes, and assists with other miscellaneous requests. She always self-evaluates her performance to improve her skills and knowledge day by day.

Erica Bantum is full of life and likes to dance, travel, meet new people, cook various dishes, go to the farmer's market and experiment with new foods and spices, and attend festivals and concerts. Besides this, she also likes to contribute to the growth of different charitable organizations. She likes to help charitable organizations like Habitat for Humanity. They build homes for the underprivileged and supply whole neighborhoods with basic materials that are essential for survival.

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