Erica Bantum from Georgia Holds Specialization in Sales and Marketing

Erica Bantum Georgia

Erica Bantum is a diligent Sales and Marketing professional in Georgia. She holds her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration in Marketing with a 3.0 GPA from Kennesaw State University. She has good knowledge of Microsoft office including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Besides this, she also has professional knowledge of SPIN technique.

She is a knowledgeable sales and marketing professional who knows how to drive sales using different techniques and strategies. She has a profound knowledge of market analysis, marketing research, advanced selling, consumer behavior, professional selling, entertainment marketing. She holds in-depth professional knowledge of her field and makes use of strategies to achieve the target. According to the situation, she uses different policies, including direct marketing, publicity, trade shows, website advertising, networking, training programs, and more.

With her dedicated efforts, Erica Bantum monitors and evaluates the results to know the effect of the strategy applied. She is also responsible for attending meetings and conferences with colleagues and seniors, where she shares her best ideas. Before applying the strategy, she understands the customers' needs and plans accordingly. She ensures quality of service by developing a thorough and detailed knowledge of technical specifications.

Erica Bantum has a small family, consisting of her father, (George Bantum), mother (Veronica Bantum), and two sisters, Elexia Bantum and Amy Bantum. Her sister, Amy Bantum is living in England with her husband Luke. Erica loves her parents the most, and likes to spend quality time with them. In her free time, she loves to travel new and distant places with her family members.

Besides her work, Erica Bantum from Georgia also believes in charity work and has helped many underprivileged people. She has contributed to the growth and success of various charitable organizations. Through Habitat for Humanity, she has helped in building homes for the poor and has supplied whole neighborhood with basic materials that are essential for survival.

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